[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0176 (Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method)

XMPP Extensions Editor editor at xmpp.org
Thu Jul 31 23:00:04 CDT 2008

Version 0.20 of XEP-0176 (Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method) has been released.

Abstract: This specification defines a Jingle transport method that results in sending media data using raw datagram sockets via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). This transport method is negotiated via the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) methodology defined by the IETF and thus provides robust NAT traversal for media traffic.

Changelog: For consistency with XEP-0166, removed profile attribute, changed content-replace to transport-replace, and changed content-accept to transport-accept. (psa)

Diff: http://is.gd/1bfY

URL: http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0176.html

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