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Simon Tennant simon at buddycloud.com
Tue Nov 4 15:59:04 CST 2008

Stephen Pendleton wrote:
> Very cool. 
> Question for the authors: Are you really using arc-minutes as units of the
> GPS error or is that carryover from the GEOLOC XEP?

Props should go to Helge for the spec. I guess that writing
specifications for unmanned aerial vehicles is finally paying off.

I presume you are referring to this post:

Arc-minutes are a carry over.  We wrote the spec with XEP-0080 in mind
and use that as the format for publishing the derived location to the
user's geoloc node too.

We would prefer to use accuracy in meters. While arc minutes may make
sense in a GPS sense, accuracy often has to be implied when using other
location means.

For example, if the server is receiving Cell-ID beacons and some of the
known beacons are identified as within a city an accuracy of 100m could
be implied due to a known higher tower density. Trying to apply
arc-minutes to this would probably end up just being clumsy and it would
be nice to use the same unit of measurement for accuracy.

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