[Standards] administrivia: reporting spam

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Nov 5 10:21:00 CST 2008

If you see spam posted from JabberForum to this list or to any other
jabber.org/xmpp.org mailing list, please report it to to Florian Jensen
via <mailto:florian at jabberforum.org>. However, Florian monitors the
lists at jabber.org/xmpp.org and typically will disable the offending
user and delete the message or discussion thread quite quickly.

If you see spam posted via email or Gmane (not via JabberForum), please
report it to me via <mailto:stpeter at jabber.org>. The same provisos apply
(I monitor the lists and disable/delete users within a few hours, unless
I'm sleeping or travelling at the time).


Peter Saint-Andre

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