[Standards] Section 2.3 of XEP-0107

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Sun Nov 9 04:05:58 CST 2008


In Gajim, this diff was recently committed:


That lead to a discussion in the Gajim team whether that is right.
Section 2.3 of XEP-0107 says:

“A user MAY provide a mood extension in a specific message in order to  
lend a defined emotional tone to the text.”

To me, this sounds like you can attach a mood to a single message so  
that the receiving client can present that to the user together with  
the message somehow, not replacing the global mood set - which,  
honestly, sounds pretty useless to me.

But on the other side, the Gajim diff uses this to attach the mood to  
every message sent when PEP is not supported, showing it as the global  
mood when received and replacing a mood received via PEP, if any was  

To me, this sounds wrong.

All this brings me to the question:

Is Section 2.3 useful or should it be removed? I personally don't  
think it should be used as a workaround if the server doesn't support  
PEP, as that's unwanted traffic (attached to every message, even  
sending when the receiving entitiy doesn't support moods etc.). If it  
wasn't meant as a workaround if the server doesn't support PEP, I  
wonder if it should be removed so it won't be abused for that purpose,  
as its use if used like I understood is questionable.


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