[Standards] XEPs in Pretty Colours.

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Nov 12 15:40:11 CST 2008

> I appreciate that this is almost inexcusably trivial, but bear with me.

I say, let's put these hip state-of the art 4-color (or more!)
displays finally to work!

Slightly related, I once wrote up a script that would generate a graph
of all XEP dependencies, and warn you about XEPs in draft state
depending on XEPs in experimental state (and other relations that
aren't allowed). The main flaw was that some XEPs refer to XEPs in
sentences like "This XEP replaces XEP xxx", in which case the
dependency *is* allowed. This could be solved by adding exceptions, or
adding extra <replaces> sections to XEPs, ..., but I didn't really
bother. Maybe a tool like that could also be an addition to our XEP
consistency checking?


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