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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Nov 12 15:40:35 CST 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Justin Karneges wrote:
>> On Friday 07 November 2008 08:34:07 Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> Right, so the question is not "what format is sent over the wire?" (as
>>> we can see that's the fancy encoding to save space and indicate the
>>> length of each key-value pair) but "what is the format that an entity
>>> publishes to the mdns address?" (and that might be a text-based notation
>>> with each key-value pair contained within quotes). In any case, I think
>>> that what's currently in XEP-0174 is wrong because you don't publish one
>>> TXT record for each key-value pair, instead you publish a single TXT
>>> record that contains all of the key-value pairs.
>> Correct.  A single TXT record contains all the strings.
>>> So that means you  publish something like this (it would be all one "line"
>>> in DNS but I can't show that in email):
>>> juliet at pronto._presence._tcp.local. IN TXT "txtvers=1" "1st=Juliet"
>>> "email=juliet at capulet.lit" "hash=sha-1" "jid=juliet at capulet.lit"
>>> "last=Capulet" "msg=Hanging out downtown" "nick=JuliC"
>>> "node=http://www.adiumx.com"
>>> "phsh=a3839614e1a382bcfebbcf20464f519e81770813" "port.p2pj=5562"
>>> "status=avail" "vc=CA!" "ver=QgayPKawpkPSDYmwT/WM94uAlu0="
>>> Yes, no, maybe?
>> Yes.
> Right. I will confirm this understanding with the DNS-SD experts and
> then modify the XEP accordingly.

I've talked about this with some of the DNS-SD folks, and yes the binary
format is sent over the wire, whereas the texty format with multiple
key-value pairs in a single TXT record value is the kind of thing that
you would specify in, say, a BIND zone file.


Peter Saint-Andre

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