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Mon Nov 17 06:46:20 CST 2008


Nicolas Vérité;5029 Wrote: 
> Of course I'm interested in it (as I told you). I offer you my help.

I knew you were... But I was expecting also other reactions that the
ones I already knew! :p

> Worldwide events could take the same shape as Mozilla, Ubuntu and
> Mandriva do.

Yes. For my own, I especially know the Mozilla ones, because I have
been to a few of them as spectator. And that's really well done and

> IMHO, a central place (like the XSF) should be the place where we
> collaborate, and decline locally, as the organizers wish/can. We can
> rely on User Groups of course, like Linux/Unix and free/opensource
> software User Groups, and also maybe companies working around XMPP.
> Nÿco

How I see it (subject to change with discussion with anyone, just the
first ideas I had):

- Voluntaries (as Nyco and I) would propose their help, would organize,

- As I am giving my time and my help, I don't mind using money. But
honestly I am young, with a simple job, hence not very rich. I cannot
handle by my own financially this. This is one of the point I think the
XSF can help. For instance by having some interesting people come to the
events when they are not leaving close for speaking in conferences,

- Also it would be great if we could have goodies in all such events.
Very simple stuffs like t-shirts are perfect. That's exactly the kind of
stuffs that Mozilla is doing in their events and that's nice for the
people coming and wearing fiercely a t-shirt of the event they have come
to (there could be some event-personnalized text "10th birthday of XMPP"
and a localized "motto", something like "Speak Free!", or whatever else
comes to the mind of clever people out there...).
I think this kind of stuff should be done with XSF help too...

- We should get help from locale LUG, definitely.

- As I told, we must have interesting people coming for a speech. This
can be very innovative people in the community, representatives from the
XSF (Peter, don't you want to visit Paris?! :p), representatives from
some company involved in XMPP development (there can be small companies,
more or less locale, or even big worldwide companies. I think having
someone from Google can be nice; talking about what they are doing, what
they plan to do, etc.).

- Inviting some medias... technical (or not) newspaper (or even TV?!
Especially if we have nice representatives from companies, it could
attract them), explaining that XMPP is the standards for IM, not a
social network, etc.

- Showing demos, like a video chat through Jingle with other events
around the world (if some of them are the same days and the jet lag
enable this), and even by making an "Birthday event official chatroom"
on a XMPP server, where all people could connect and discuss. If they
can see the conferences with live webcams, they could ask questions
through the chat, which could be shown on a big screen in the place. Or
other similar funny ideas. :-)

- For the time, it could be a week-end in january...


As I told, I propose to organize such event in Paris. I will get
information for having the authorizations, all typical organization
stuffs, etc.

I think all materials can be get from benevolents, LUGs, etc.

Nyco proposed a bar in Paris where there are many similar technical
events (called "La Cantine", among other things, the last mozilla events
in Paris, a "plugin developper workshop" has been held there). But for
information, I can also propose a nice place, which is a huge house in
Paris, bigger than La Cantine, with a big room for conference (indeed
usually a danse studio, so lot of place). And it has internet
connection, of course.

So here are my basic ideas. I think the main point for beginning to
organize such event is XSF involvement in it. This works well with all
other foundations (as Nyco mentionned: Mozilla, Mandriva, Ubuntu, the
FSF, etc.).


P.S.: as FSF set the Jingle implementation in their high priorities,
maybe we can also get help from them?

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