[Standards] C2C TLS

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Mon Nov 24 11:28:05 CST 2008

As the discussion was already month ago now and it was said there will  
be many clients at the end of the year (which we have now), I wanted  
to ask a few things:

1.) What is the current state of the XEP? Is it even a XEP now?
2.) How many clients implement it? If any, which?
3.) If there are clients, do they use direct connections or use  
Jingle's inband mode?
4.) How was the SAS problem solved, if it was solved at all? If not,  
how will it be solved?
5.) How much work was it to implement it? Was it really "just 5  
minutes of work" as some said in the discussion before?
6.) I predicted that it will still take a long time until C2C TLS will  
reach the state ESessions now has. To me, it seems my prediction was  
right. Anything I overlooked?


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