[Standards] C2C TLS

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Tue Nov 25 08:59:08 CST 2008

Am 25.11.2008 um 15:54 schrieb Remko Tronçon:

> Well, in a few weeks/months, there will probably be 'for dummies'
> tutorials on Jingle popping up on blogs and such. Maybe once you
> understood Jingle, you can come back and discuss?

I wasn't asking for a 'for dummies' tutorial or anything like that. I  
just consider the Jingle XEPs too lengthy for something that mandatory  
as E2E encryption. If I had interest in Jingle (which I haven't atm),  
I would just read the XEPs and implement it. That's no problem at all.  
But if I only want to implement E2E encryption, I don't want to read  
through all that Jingle stuff just for that and for nothing else.


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