[BOSH] Brussels report

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Feb 10 03:55:43 CST 2009

At the XMPP Summit yesterday, we talked about a few items of interest to
BOSH implementors:

1. Nathan Fritz raised the issue of session collisions, which they've
seen at Seesmic. As far as I know, no conclusions were reached on this
issue.  Feel free to expland on this if you were part of the discussions.

2. Consensus that the current secure="true" flag on the BOSH <body/>
element is useless. Jack Moffitt recommended removing this and adding a
security consideration about what the BOSH connection manager should
accept and not accept from the XMPP server. He and I will work on text.

3. In a hallway discussion at 2 AM one morning, Fabio Forno mentioned to
me that the spec might explicitly say that a BOSH connection manager
could support HTTP cookies as an optimization (support would be
completely optional). I don't know if he brought this up during the
meetings because I was roving around from group to group.

4. I mentioned that writing the BOSH section of the XMPP book had helped
me grok BOSH in fullness, so I may adjust the spec to reflect that new

What am I missing?


[ written en route from Brussels, delivery times may vary :) ]

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