[Council] VOTE: Conferencing JIG

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Sat Aug 4 01:32:22 CDT 2001

+1, of course :-)

I have already done substantial work on a proposal for a new 
conferencing protocol (as I imagine most of you know); so far, this work 
has been hosted at http://jabber.org/?oid=1538 (in the discussion 
forums). I'm going to be working on JEP-izing the existing document (and 
converting it back from docbook-xml to docbook-sgml) and finishing up 
the loose ends. For those interested in reviewing the (lengthy) proposal 
before stpeter processes it, I'll post a URL to it on the discussion 
forum and to the members list once there is something more worthy of review

-David Waite

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>I've received a JEP from David Waite regarding the formation of a JIG that
>will focus on developing an extensible framework for conferencing (i.e.,
>many-to-many communication) within Jabber. Please review the JEP at the
>following URL and cast your vote:
>BTW, I will be on vacation next week so I won't be able to process any
>JEPs until I return next Saturday (Aug. 11). Just so you know!
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