[Council] Welcome!

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Jun 25 14:40:53 CDT 2001

Hello fellow council members :)

Here's the addresses subscribed to this list, let myself or stpeter know
if any of them are wrong or for any other list problems at any time:

akuma at jabber.org
dizzyd at jabber.org
jeremie at jabber.org
max at peoplepchq.com
owing at vianetworks.co.uk
pgmillard at jabber.org
PowellJF at navair.navy.mil
stpeter at jabber.org
TRolle at uwgrocers.com

Now, we can get on to the real work, and start creating some JIGs.  Has
everyone familiarized themselves with the voting process?

"Each Council Member will vote +1 (approve), 0 (neutral), or -1
(disapprove). JEPs will not receive approval from the Council so long as
any Council Member continues to vote -1, and that Council Member's
concerns must be addressed in order for the JEEP to pass."

Since everyone agreed that the creation of a JIG must come from a JEP
submitted for that purpose, one of the first tasks is to define the JEP
format and requirements.  I'm not sure of the dates of all the revisions,
but these are what I've seen so far:
http://foundation.jabber.org/jeps.html (from
http://nareau.dyndns.org/jabdocs/index.html )  I'm a docbook fan, so I'd
like to start w/ using that as the format :)

To accelerate the formation of the first JIGs, maybe we should not force
the JEP->JIG for the first few, and just vote on approval for the
commonly-discussed ones?

*) Generic Conferencing -- will define a workable, extensible
protocol for conferencing/groupchat (cf. Dave Waite's work on a draft

*) File Transfer (initial work on PASS, oob namespace) 

*) Security -- will focus on authentication, message encryption,
connection security, etc. 

*) Standards Compliance -- will determine standards for implementing
derivative trademarks (e.g., "100% Jabber Protocol Compliant") and test
software and services for compliance 

*) Text Formatting -- will determine the protocol for sending and
receiving formatted messages in Jabber (e.g., via XHTML) 

*) Browsing -- the replacement for agents, defined as a draft protocol
but perhaps still needs some work :) 

*) Presence Management -- describe in detail how presence management
currently works, and work on proposals for things like invisibility 


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