[Council] Welcome!

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Mon Jun 25 14:59:51 CDT 2001

My $.02

> "Each Council Member will vote +1 (approve), 0 (neutral), or -1
> (disapprove). JEPs will not receive approval from the Council so long as
> any Council Member continues to vote -1, and that Council Member's
> concerns must be addressed in order for the JEEP to pass."

How are we going to actually vote?? Are we going to setup some kind of
secure web? Do this via the email list?? Security issues?? We should iron
out this before we can start voting. I'm down w/ the secure web idea since
it's simple enough to setup .htaccess and have people create accounts for
that? Email list would simpler though. Thoughts??

> Since everyone agreed that the creation of a JIG must come from a JEP
> submitted for that purpose, one of the first tasks is to define the JEP
> format and requirements.  I'm not sure of the dates of all the revisions,
> but these are what I've seen so far:
> http://foundation.jabber.org/jeps.html (from
> http://nareau.dyndns.org/jabdocs/index.html )  I'm a docbook fan, so I'd
> like to start w/ using that as the format :)

Jer - This format is fine w/ me, but we'll need a Docbook template I
think... does one exist for this kind of stuff yet?

IMO, we can just vote on the initial JIG's as well... I think we should all
know the protocol + related issues well enough not to need explicit
explanations about any of these JIGs.

pgm (aka, Peter Millard, as opposed to stpeter :)

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