[Council] Welcome!

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Jun 25 15:49:30 CDT 2001

> How are we going to actually vote?? Are we going to setup some kind of
> secure web? Do this via the email list?? Security issues?? We should iron
> out this before we can start voting. I'm down w/ the secure web idea since
> it's simple enough to setup .htaccess and have people create accounts for
> that? Email list would simpler though. Thoughts??

Apache, where the voting-style came from, just does it all on the list...
it works out nicely in that it's all recorded and archived, and a
discussion can be associated w/ any -1's.  And yes, as Oliver pointed out,
any -1 votes always include the reasoning behind them, of course +0 and
+1's can as well :)

> Jer - This format is fine w/ me, but we'll need a Docbook template I
> think... does one exist for this kind of stuff yet?

Not some of the specific fields, but most of the generic ones are in
Docbook, maybe stpeter could help out here and transmogrify
http://docs.jabber.org/general/html/docbook.html into a JEP-specific


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