[Council] Welcome!

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Mon Jun 25 15:43:31 CDT 2001

I don't see any real reason why council votes are anonymous (since we 
are basically representatives of the membership)- we could just vote here.

-David Waite

Oliver Wing wrote:

>>How are we going to actually vote?? Are we going to setup some kind of
>>secure web? Do this via the email list?? Security issues?? We should iron
>>out this before we can start voting. I'm down w/ the secure web idea since
>>it's simple enough to setup .htaccess and have people create accounts for
>>that? Email list would simpler though. Thoughts??
>I think any disapprove (-1) votes should come with comments as to why such a
>vote has gone through, so submitters have an idea what is wrong.
>Oliver Wing
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