[Council] Welcome!

Powell, Jim (EER) PowellJF at navair.navy.mil
Mon Jun 25 15:50:12 CDT 2001

> Apache, where the voting-style came from, just does it all on 
> the list...
> it works out nicely in that it's all recorded and archived, and a
> discussion can be associated w/ any -1's.  And yes, as Oliver 
> pointed out,
> any -1 votes always include the reasoning behind them, of 
> course +0 and
> +1's can as well :)

Not to put too fine a point on it, I think all votes should come with a
reason for the vote, even if it was It just felt right.  Can spark some
discussion, or bring a point up to someone who is undecided.  4 people with
an e-mail of +1 is good, what does that really mean, do they understand the

Jim Powell

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