[Council] VOTE: JEP-0011

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Wed Apr 3 13:49:46 CST 2002

Jer -

I'm all for updating clients to conform to the JEP once it's been "ratified"
:) Other folks have not voted yet... Do others have additional comments on
this JEP?

If not, make the mod's and resubmit. If we can make the change, then I would
not hesitate to vote +1 on it. It'd be nice to make a "service patch" to
1.4.2 IMO if the timeline for the 1.5+ servers is way out in the future


> First note: it's probably good to CC the JEP authors on threads like this.
> I remember discussing this change, and thought it was on a list or in gc
> somewhere, but can't find the archives.  The only reason I can remember
> for not making this change was compatibility mainly with your (pgm's)
> clients and my implementation in the server and conferencing.
> I like the item way better as well, not sure anymore why it wasn't from
> the start, so if your willing to update your clients, we can at least be
> sure the 1.5+ servers support this new style.  So, shall we update 0011
> with this and try again?  Any other comments?
> Jer

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