[Council] VOTE: JEP-0011

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Wed Apr 3 13:54:15 CST 2002

I agree with the service patch and such as well.

What you suggested is *exactly* how I originally had the browse JEP. 
However, after talking about it a bit we decided to basically just 
document what was already in use rather than change things and break 
clients like winjab and jabberim which are widely used.

However, if you'll even release a new version of WinJab for it (along 
with fixing the vCard vs. VCARD issue ;) ), I'd love to change the JEP.


Peter Millard wrote:

>Jer -
>I'm all for updating clients to conform to the JEP once it's been "ratified"
>:) Other folks have not voted yet... Do others have additional comments on
>this JEP?
>If not, make the mod's and resubmit. If we can make the change, then I would
>not hesitate to vote +1 on it. It'd be nice to make a "service patch" to
>1.4.2 IMO if the timeline for the 1.5+ servers is way out in the future
>>First note: it's probably good to CC the JEP authors on threads like this.
>>I remember discussing this change, and thought it was on a list or in gc
>>somewhere, but can't find the archives.  The only reason I can remember
>>for not making this change was compatibility mainly with your (pgm's)
>>clients and my implementation in the server and conferencing.
>>I like the item way better as well, not sure anymore why it wasn't from
>>the start, so if your willing to update your clients, we can at least be
>>sure the 1.5+ servers support this new style.  So, shall we update 0011
>>with this and try again?  Any other comments?

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