[Council] VOTE: JEP-0011

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Apr 3 16:04:37 CST 2002

a quick list:
the open-source jsm module
the open source transports (msn, yahoo, icq, aim, all irc transports 
since 1.0, and conference - dunno about others)
JIM (Jabber, Inc.)
JabberBeans (although it is still in CVS, and there is no release 
schedule - people have taken CVS versions and put them into products)
jsjabber (webjab)
the Jabber, Inc. Conferencing implementation

and it is used within the Generic Conferencing spec and the Jabber 
Conferencing Framework spec.

-David Waite

Peter Millard wrote:

>Dave -
>AFAIK, the open-source jabberd, conferencing, JabberCOM, and Winjab use
>browse... I'm pretty sure Rival uses it for stuff... What other
>implementations of the current protocol are there?
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