[Council] VOTE: JEP-0011

Wing, Oliver OWing at vianetworks.com
Thu Apr 4 08:38:43 CST 2002

Surely, the JEP should go as presented, and then a 'revision' with the new
proposed category, and any other changes should go through the standards-jig
before being passed to the Council? It seems somewhat unfair to make changes
at such a late stage without consulting the Jabber community at large,
especially as they may have very good suggestions or reasons for change.

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I'm "reluctantly" +1 for this change :) with the stipulation that the
names should be clearly noted as "deprecated" in the JEP, and all the
samples should use the category attribute w/ <item> tags.

This would almost make this JEP sort of "informational" and standards

Does that make sense? I just want to make it clear that moving forward
things should ALWAYS use the <item> tag.. if thats how the JEP reads
mod's, then I would be +1. Jer + Julian... can you make these changes
and we
can then see where we stand?

DW: What other modifications would you make?


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