[Council] i18n JEP

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Apr 4 10:57:16 CST 2002

The position paper is basically a slightly more formal document with 
comments from all the council members (not just myself).

-David Waite

Max Horn wrote:

> At 17:43 Uhr -0700 03.04.2002, David Waite wrote:
>> I didn't know if the authors would be CC'd on the reviews of the 
>> JEPs; I thought they would just receive the position paper. Fine with 
>> me either way :-)
>> Speaking of position paper - mind if I volunteer to mark this one up, 
>> since I stepped forward first with comments?
> I don't know much about the council process, but I think it would be 
> good if paper authors could at least comment on the things said in 
> discussion, e.g. to explain some decisions they made etc.
> Anyway, I am happy that finally somebody did read this and made good 
> intelligent comments. I am not able to response to this right now, 
> gotta get back to work now, but I believe that there are many good 
> points in David's criticism, which will have to be addressed in the 
> next revision of this early draft. Anyway, if you don't mind I'll 
> comment later today on them, unless you'd prefer me to wait till you 
> have a "position paper", whatever that is :-)
> Cheers,
> Max

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