[Council] JEP - 0022

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Apr 24 14:32:51 CDT 2002

Composing events need to have more cancelation methods than defined (for 
instance, is someone still composing if they go unavailable?) It seems 
like cancelation can either be explicit, or implicit through a change in 
presence or the availability of the session composing the message.

Also, the 'offline' event needs to be defined as only being triggered by 
the recipient server (in a multi-server environment), only if offline 
storage is enabled, and only if the recipient server supports it. If 
this was a standards track, it could be defined that recipient servers 
must support it, but as informational it is completely optional and I 
would like the behavior in these cases to be explicitly stated.

Rather good otherwise,
-David Waite

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