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Jer jer at jabber.org
Fri Dec 13 00:33:50 CST 2002

A few of us are here, but we're all pretty shot tonight, so we're going 
to try another informal meeting tomorrow morning at 10AM CST in 
foundation at conference.jabber.org to discuss file xfer and pubsub and 
anything else, cya then :)


On Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 04:33 PM, Robert Norris wrote:

>> Yet Another Council Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night in the 
>> States
>> (variously early morning or late afternoon for folks across the sea). 
>> This
>> is the last one before Christmas and also the last one we currently 
>> have
>> scheduled. Any thoughts on an agenda or a more productive way to hold
>> future meetings (e.g., two hour meetings held fortnightly)?
> Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it this afternoon - my
> schedule at this time of year is too weird.
> Two hour meetings are going to be even harder for me to attend at this
> time - 5-7pm on a Friday is hard.
> I wonder how much value there is in keeping moving the meetings around,
> at least for me - I notice I don't contribute a whole lot. Also, the
> meetings I don't attend I read the logs for, so I still keep up with
> what's going on, and I raise any issues I have here (which doesn't
> happen often).
> So if you want to get rid of your late-night meeting, I'm not going to
> be overly concerned.
> Rob.
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