[Council] JEP-0020

Mike Lin mikelin at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 17 22:42:52 CDT 2002

Good evening,

I never voted on JEP-0020 because I assumed it would never go through
anyway. To my own suprise, I must now vote -1.

I've spoken with a number of people besides myself who for various
reasons really feel this protocol is inappropriate for standards track,
particularly its references to security and encryption which are highly
questionable. Furthermore, I asked Matthias Wimmer to investigate the
possibility of using JEP-0020 syntax for HTTP polling negotiation, which
while technically outside the rest of the Jabber protocol should be a
fairly straightforward negotiation, and he pointed out a number of
issues. His comments are at: 


My understanding is that certain other people with more credibility than
me are supposed to chime in at this point on why JEP-0020 should be done
differently, so that I don't look too bad.


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