[Council] calendar file for council meetings.

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Fri Nov 1 15:41:11 CST 2002

Nice... I had already entered the calendar into my iCal, though ;)

If anyone cares, mine's available at 
http://skadi.wv.cc.cmu.edu/~julian/iCal/calendars/Jabber.ics -- 
iCal.app users can even subscribe to 
webcal://skadi.local/~julian/iCal/calendars/Jabber.ics -- and the nosy 
can stalk me: http://skadi.wv.cc.cmu.edu/iCal/

Yeah, sometimes I get a little bored in college. I should probably get 
stuff compiling properly and work on Jabber stuff instead ;)


On Friday, Nov 1, 2002, at 15:42 US/Eastern, David Waite wrote:

> I have tried to whip up a vcalendar file for the scheduled upcoming 
> council meetings. It is at http://akuma.org/~mass/cal/JSFCouncil.ics 
> for those who would like to look at it/import it. It might be wise to 
> make sure the meeting today shows up at the correct time on the 
> calendar, since I don't know if I have to (somehow) flag events which 
> occur across timezones.
> If this is useful to a lot of people, I may try to make calendars for 
> other JSF meetings and scheduled discussions (although I would 
> probably want to be able to publish those right on the jabber.org 
> site, rather than my home PC).
> -David Waite
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