[Council] Hanging JEPs

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Tue Oct 1 09:47:30 CDT 2002

Here is my list of JEPs, how I feel, and what action I think we should be

#03 PASS: Lets vote on this and move it to active
#08 Avatars: Move this to DEFERRED ?
#13 Pop-Offline: Talked with craigk yesterday about this and he is willing
to clean
        up the XDB madness from it so we can resubmit for std track.
        Move this version to info and lets vote.
#14 Message Tone: Lets vote, I'm -1 :) Emoticons do this fine.
#15 Account Transfer: Should we vote on this to just get rid of it? I'm -1
#16 Privacy Rules: Last Call in progress.
#17 Native Framing: Do any implementations exist? It's information, so
either way,
        we should vote to get it out of experimental.
#18 Presence: +1 for temas' suggestion of moving this to just the invisible
        I'll poke rynok about updating it w/ <presence type="visible"/> and
        removing other bits if that is consensus.
#20 Feat. Negot: Working on adding xtra verbage for next meeting. Hopefully
        we can vote after that.
#25 HTTP Polling: This is informational. Ready for Last Call. Lets vote.
#26 Internationalization: Move to DEFERRED for IETF WG activity?
#31 Security: Seems like we need more brains wrapped around this before we
go fwd.
        Keep as Experimental?
#32: Jabber URI: Seems ok with me... Maybe spur discussion on jstandards
        Ready for Last Call? (If so, we should start working on adding
various hooks
        into clients, etc..).
#35: SSL/TLS: We should look at this and make sure namespace madness is
correct. ?
#37: DSPS: I think #42 JOBS is a way better JEP  and proposal.
        Can we just vote/REJECT this?
#38: Icons: /me actually reads the current version of this JEP :)
        This has been scaled back quite a bit, and honestly, I think it's
fine in the
        current rev. Can we do a Last Call & vote on this? I think it would
        a nice thing to start adding to clients.

I think all of the rest (39+) are still new and need to be more hashed out
in standards-jig. So can we come to consensus on these and take some
actions??? /me pokes everyone :)


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