[Council] VOTE (major cleanup)

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Wed Oct 2 18:18:40 CDT 2002

> JEP-0003 (PASS), version 0.4
vote +1... it's fine for it's purposes.

> JEP-0008 (User Avatars), version 0.1
vote -1... it should be deferred for pubsub

> JEP-0014 (Message Tone), version 0.2
vote -1.. rejected.. emoticons superscede this.. not a bad JEP tho.

> JEP-0015 (Account Transfer), version 0.4
vote -1.. rejected.. massive security/s10n issues.. not really necessary

> JEP-0017 (Naive Packet Framing Protocol), version 0.2
vote -1... if we want a new protocol, branch and do something else :) No
known implementations AFAIK.

> JEP-0025 (Jabber HTTP Polling), version 0.2
vote +1.. it works :)

> JEP-0037 (Data Stream Proxy Service), version 0.8
vote -1.. rejected... JOBS is a better protocol IMO, and I have issues w/ no
contact info (anonymous authors).

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