[Council] VOTE (major cleanup)

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Thu Oct 3 15:02:47 CDT 2002

> > JEP-0017 (Naive Packet Framing Protocol), version 0.2
> > 
> > No known implementations. I move that we vote on moving this to Active
> > with the alternative being Rejected. So +1 = Active, -1 = Rejected.
> > 
> -1 -- This has not been actively pursued by the author, but should be
> remembered as we move forward with our transport layer.

After being poked for an unrelated reason, I feel that my vote here is
contradictory.  -1 doesn't reflect how I feel it has potential to help us
think about things later, so I'm changing it to 0.  I'd go +1, but our
current definition of "Informational" is too limitted, this does not
define JSF ways or an existing aspect of Jabber protocol.  Either we
need a type for investigative/experimental jeps, or the definition of
informational in JEP-1 needs to be expanded.


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