[Council] JEP-0003

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Tue Oct 15 11:08:08 CDT 2002

(joe asks questions about discovering a PASS server)

jer says:
> It is just informational (an example of a simplistic 
> way to create a socket middle-man), the discovery problem 
> is in the realm of browse/disco, not something PASS can 
> or should try to solve.

I mostly just wanted a sentence that said something like "you can use the
browse namespace jabber:iq:pass to determine if a service supports this
feature".  That implies that a disco feature called jabber:iq:pass is also

I think that go-forward, the JEP author should talk to JANA before the JEP
goes too far, and get whatever namespaces, categories, types, and features
that are needed reserved, at least provisionally.

Anyway, since PASS is more-or-less moot, I'm 0 on JEP-0003.

Joe Hildebrand

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