[Council] Issues on my plate

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Wed Oct 16 16:44:01 CDT 2002

Just kind of wanted to do a status report kind of thing for the council.
It also allows me to raise my current issues.  First, the update, I'm
currently poking at the file transfer mess with Matt "linuxwolf" Miller
and Justin "infiniti" Karneges.  Currently we're trying to focus on just
file transfer and not stray too deeply into the field of generic stream
usage.  Although, they are closely tied as we've learned through the
past two days of talking.

Next, the issue of registering pieces of the jabber protocols with IANA,
or other entites came up again.  Last time this came up was the lengthy
process to the official port listing, now it's with the .jisp mime-type
for the experimental emoticons JEP.  I've suggested to stpeter that we
have some wording in JEP-1 that nothing is registered officially until
at least Draft status.  Also, I feel the JSF or the secretary of the JSF
should own/administrate these entries.  How does everyone else feel
about that?

Finally, I'm mostly caught up on JEPs now and I'm hoping to spew some
comments here and to the standards-jig.  Hope you guys join in on the
fun, and allow the process to continue flowing smoothly.


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