[Council] Issues on my plate

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Oct 24 22:41:37 CDT 2002

Hey temas, I really like this status report idea. Though you've got some
bigger issues on your plate right now -- congratulations!!! :)

> It also allows me to raise my current issues.  First, the update, I'm
> currently poking at the file transfer mess with Matt "linuxwolf" Miller
> and Justin "infiniti" Karneges.  Currently we're trying to focus on just
> file transfer and not stray too deeply into the field of generic stream
> usage.

Great, this whole area needs a cleanup.

> Next, the issue of registering pieces of the jabber protocols with IANA,
> or other entites came up again.  Last time this came up was the lengthy
> process to the official port listing, now it's with the .jisp mime-type
> for the experimental emoticons JEP.  I've suggested to stpeter that we
> have some wording in JEP-1 that nothing is registered officially until
> at least Draft status.  Also, I feel the JSF or the secretary of the JSF
> should own/administrate these entries.  How does everyone else feel
> about that?

I just added some info about this to JEP-0001 -- hopefully we can reach
closure on this soon. I don't think JEP-0001 needs to wait on a full
definition of what JANA is and does, although I think JANA is pretty
straightforward, really.


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