[Council] spring cleaning!

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Tue Apr 22 03:10:53 CDT 2003

> 1. Pubsub JEPs 21, 24, 36, 40 should be Retracted or Rejected in 
>    favor of JEP-0060. If you're an author of one of these and you
>    disagree, say so now!

I'm happy for 21 to be retracted in favour of 60. Or we can vote to
reject it, whatever.

> 3. Rob, do you have plans for your filtering JEPs (62, 63, 64)?

Not at this time. I mostly wrote them to try to start some discussion
and get some ideas out there. I don't think there's anything wrong with
them, but I don't have the motiviation to push them at the moment.

> 4. Joe, do you have plans for 33 (Packet Headers), 68 (x:data field
>    standardization), and 80 (geoloc)? AFAIK, the answer is yes.

I'll get behind 33 if noone else wants to. AFAIK, progress was waiting
on 30, which is in draft now.

> 5. Matt, do you have plans for 50 (Ad-Hoc Commands), 70 (Auth via
>    HTTP), and 79 (Message Delivery Semantics)? I think so.

Again, I'm insterested in 50 and 79.

> - 18 (Presence) -- this should be retracted (handled by XMPP WG)


> - 31 (Security Framework) -- seemingly inactive

I don't know if its that there's no interest in this, or if the required
knowledge is in short supply (AFAIK it was hard to understand, mostly
because of the heavy crypto requirements).

> - 39 (Statistics Gathering) -- ukscone?

I want to implement this eventually in j2, though I still wonder if it
should be layered on top of disco in some way (there are numerous
arguments for and against this, ukscone can probably remember them).

> - 51 (Redirect and Connection Transfer) -- no discussion on this yet

And needs some work, and probably some usage examples, because I don't
see the point.

> - 57 (Extended Roster) -- alexey?

This one scares me.

> - 59 (Limiting and Paging Extension) -- popular idea, needs to be pushed


> Perhaps we can get through items 1 through 6 in tomorrow's meeting 
> and then move on to the remainder in next week's meeting.

BTW, I won't be able to make the meeting (assuming I haven't missed it
already, I'm on holidays so I have no brain for times and dates).


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