[Council] disco thoughts

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Dec 16 07:29:13 CST 2003

Working on various JEPs last night, I realized that something is 
missing with regard to service discovery. Perhaps even a few things.

1. We need a registry of what I'm calling "common nodes". Some JEPs 
(e.g., Ad-Hoc Commands) specify such nodes, but the full list is not 
collected in one place.

2. JEP-0030 is not very clear about the existence of common nodes.

3. In fact, JEP-0030 could use a review and revision, because I think 
it is under-specified in certain areas. Perhaps the call for 
experience would be a good time to do this. Speaking of which, is it 
time for the call for experience on JEP-0030?

4. Imagine that I want to define a common node, such as is done in 
JEP-0050, but I don't want it to be associated with any particular 
feature (in JEP-0050 the mother of all common nodes is the feature 
'http://jabber.org/protocol/commands', which is advertised in the 
disco#info result, and I find all the ad-hoc command nodes by 
disco-ing that parent node). How do I advertise such a common node? 
Do I return it in the disco#items result (as in, this node is an item 
that is associated with me)? The example I'm thinking of right now is 
a common node of "vcard". Presumably you could retrieve my vCard (or 
the successor thereto) by sending a disco#info query to my bare JID 
while further specifying node='vcard'. But you need to know that I 
even *have* such a node, and disco#items seems like the right way to 
make that known. (BTW, this has obvious implications for efforts to 
supersede the vcard-temp format.)

Just some thoughts....


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