[Council] JEP inactivity period?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Dec 16 17:06:12 CST 2003

I've modified the JEP list page to show only Experimental protocols by


This exposes the fact that a number of Experimental JEPs have not been
updated in over a year:

JEP-0033 Jabber Packet Headers
JEP-0039 Statistics Gathering
JEP-0040 Robust Publish-Subscribe
JEP-0051 Redirect and Connection Transfer
JEP-0056 Business Data Interchange
JEP-0058 Multi-User Text Editing
JEP-0059 Limiting and Paging Extension

And others have not been updated in over six months:

JEP-0038 Icon Styles
JEP-0075 Jabber Object Access Protocol
JEP-0076 Malicious Stanzas in Jabber (humorous)
JEP-0081 XMPP/Jabber MIME Type
JEP-0083 Nested Roster Groups
JEP-0084 User Avatars in Jabber
JEP-0089 Generic Alerts
JEP-0097 iCal Envelope

I think a JEP Editor rule that a JEP moves to Deferred automatically 
after six months of activity makes a whole lot of sense (with notice 
to the authors and the Standards-JIG mailing list, naturally).

Any objections?


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