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Thanks Peter,

the reason to stress a bit on the wireless front (although other aspects of
XMPP/Jabber developments are important as well) is the following:

- if you are a wireless player and you discover XMPP/Jabber, you do not find
any solution to your typical problems like data compression and persistent

- this cuts out XMPP/Jabber from the growing Wireless space (especially in
Europe and Asia) where GPRS technologies are being introduced succesfully

Being part of the JSF I feel that we should at least give guidelines for the
use of Jabber in the wireless space.

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The Board has requested that the Jabber Council (and the other official
teams) provide a 2002 report and 2003 roadmap to the Board for planning
purposes. The 2002 report is easy and we can pretty much pull that from
the draft annual report that Bauer and I are working on. The roadmap is a
bit more nebulous, but I think it would be valuable to hash out some
priorities here. The Board specifically requested that we look into
protocols that would help Jabber make inroads into the wireless space
(e.g., data compression and support for non-peristent connections) but I'm
sure there are other priorities as well. Here's a first pass:


Advance disco, pubsub, bytestreams, file transfer to Draft.
Advance privacy, feature neg, and MUC to Final.
Document component protocol and XHTML.


Standards-track protocol for non-persistent connections (HTTP).
Standards-track protocol for object encryption (in XMPP WG?).
Move forward with filtering?
Work out non-IM uses such as calendaring?
Robust profiles protocol?



Peter Saint-Andre
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