[Council] 77 and 78

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Mon Jun 16 15:40:49 CDT 2003

> > 77:
> == 78 (auth) :)

DWIM.  Thanks.  :)

> > Security considerations: this method may be used (MAY?)  I think it 
> > should still be possible to use this approach with 1.0, if 
> configured 
> > in by both sides, but it SHOULD NOT be.
> What does 1.0 mean at that point?

Sorry.  XMPP 1.0/SASL.  If your server implements both SASL and iq/auth, you
should be able to use iq/auth if you like.  I'll probably be implementing
that in the telnet client upon occasion, anyway. :)

There really ought to be a stream:feature for it though....

> > Also, there are two paragraphs about plaintext here.  I like the 
> > latter one, except for s/If a client attempts to use the plaintext 
> > mechanism/If a client implements the plaintext mechanism/.
> Yes, there are two paragraphs. First is about implementing 
> the protocol in software. Second is about actually using what 
> is implemented. These are two different things, no?

Let's say it's confusing at best.  I'd like to be able to have a client
implement plaintext if they want to over SSL/TLS, without violating a SHOULD

Joe Hildebrand

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