[Council] priorities for remainder of term

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jun 19 19:06:58 CDT 2003

Heh, I was just looking at that one today. I'm happy to update it 
for you if desired to track the changes in XMPP Core.


On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 09:50:39AM +1000, Robert Norris wrote:
> > If Council members have additional or other priorities, let's get them
> > out in the open so we can finish this term with a bang (yes, xmlenc
> > would be cool but I don't see that being finished by August 20). 
> I'd like to move forward on JEP-0086 (Legacy Errors). Its only an
> informational JEP, so it should be relatively straightforward. It may
> have to wait until XMPP gets published though, in case the error
> conditions change in that time.
> (I think its going to need updating soon anyway, depending on where the
> current WG discussion on error classes goes).
> Just making sure we're aware of it :)
> Rob.
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