[Council] Resolving the file transfer debate

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Mon Jun 30 19:42:39 CDT 2003

> I don't care what we do.  I'm going to try and get someone to motion
> last call on 95 and 96 after we make one modification for the stream
> id.  After that, I don't care, I'm keeping myself out of it for the bias
> reasons mostly.
> There is one issue I need to bring up though, and that's JEP-52.  If
> Justin resubmits the old 52 to replace the current one I'm going to be
> very upset.  The current 52 was created _with_ Justin and he gave his
> stamp of approval on the 52 number.  I made sure to ask him about that
> many times.  He's even listed as an author.  Plus I think it's dumb
> because 95/96 deprecate/retract 52. 95/96 are basically the evolution of
> 52, and almost used the 52 number.

Basically, he told me that 41+52 constitute one FT "method", in the same
way that 95+96 constitute another. I read 52, and asked him what
relationship 52 had with 41, since it doesn't mention it. He told me
that the official 52 was left in "shambles", and he intends to resubmit
his earlier version.

Frankly, I haven't been following the threads close enough to understand
all the interdependencies. If nothing requires 41, and 52 is deprecated
by 95/96, then why are we even having this argument? Perhaps we can just
bless 95/96 and be done with it?

If its decided this way, I'd probably be willing to motion the last call
on 95/96 - at least I could understand them on first read ;)

> I don't care though, I'm sick of working on this and getting it slammed
> on the ground non stop.

Your work is appreciated, temas. And it is crap that it keeps getting
knocked down - as I've said before, there are too many people out there
who have been given an opinion :/


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