[Council] Experimental JEP Implementations

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue May 6 13:08:56 CDT 2003

So we've been having a discussion on standards and in jdev at conf.j.o
about publically released implementations of experimental or deferred
JEPs.  What's come out of it is a question about whether or not
experimental namespaces should possibly use /experimental vs /protocol
until draft.  This allows for all people implementing to have a common
namespace to keep interaoperability going, but has a few questions.  The
main one is do we need to allow for a buffer time when switching the
namespace?  I'm a little concerned this leads to code where people just
work with both names, which doesn't really solve anything, but might be
ok if they only send out experimental.  I'm not really sure so I'm
looking for more thoughts from you guys.

This also brought up a discussion about namespace versioning.  I know
we've chatted about this before but I can't remember the outcome.  Seems
like we might want to have the revision number of the version in the
namespace. Anybody?



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