[Council] Re: Council: apology and resignation

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Sun May 18 12:35:40 CDT 2003

Thanks for the gesture and your time served, DJ.  We'll miss you being 
around so much!  I wish you best in whatever you do and look forward to 
when you are around more.


On 2003.05.18 13:19, DJ Adams wrote:
> Hello chaps
> As you have gathered, I've not been online all that much, and
> circumstances (mostly offline) have meant that I've not been active in
> the Jabber community, much less in the Council. I've not been
> fulfilling
> my role here, and for that I apologise.
> I'm not going to try and give excuses or reasons; this isn't the time
> or
> the place for that. I just want to try and put matters back on the
> straight and narrow.
> My (inactive) membership of the Council is not a good thing, for many
> reasons:
> - I'm not doing justice to the membership role
> - I'm not helping the rest of the members by being dormant
> - I'm denying someone more worthy a place on the council
> So I'd like to put forward my resignation from the Council. I don't
> know
> what (if anything) is written on this - I haven't checked in a long
> time; but I hope you will accept and allow a new candidate to join.
> There's no ill-feeling at all on my part - I've drifted away from
> things
> technical over the last year or so; actually, putting a positive spin
> on
> that, there are things in the offline world (and elsewhere in the
> online
> world to a small extent) that are taking up my time at the moment.
> This
> is a good thing.
> I am going to OSCON this year, and talking with Piers. I know some of
> you will be there too - I'm really looking forward to seeing you. In
> no
> way have I fallen out of love with Jabber, and will do all I can to
> evangelize to anyone who will listen.
> Anyway, I'll keep this short(ish) and remain
> your friend
> DJ

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