[Council] agenda input

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Oct 7 16:47:58 CDT 2003

As mentioned, I won't be able to attend today's Council meeting. Here
is some input that may or may not be helpful:

1. I've made not progress yet on the XHTML IM issues (JEP-0071).

2. I poked Justin Kirby about JEP-0043 (Jabber Database Access). He
mentioned that he might retract it. I think this is the best course
while there is only one implementation and people are not jumping up and
down for this kind of functionality.

3. We need to decide whether the pubsub-related JEPs (geoloc, etc.)
should be all informational or all standards-track (since we have an
"extended presence" protocol suite). I am leaning back towards
standards-track for these given that we have a protocol suite for them
(JEP-0119) and similar functionality is being or has been developed by
both Wireless Village and SIMPLE. (We also need to show how the Jabber
protocols map to those other protocols here -- todo for the JEPs.) The
relevant JEPs are 80, 107, 108, and 118.

4. We need closure on message events / chat notifications. I really
think that JEP-0022 is superseded by the combination of AMP (JEP-0079)
and Chat State Notifications (JEP-0085).

5. User Avatars (JEP-0084). I have no opinion, but I know some folks
care about this functionality.

6. Legacy Errors (JEP-0086) is waiting on finalization of XMPP Core, but
is on track with the latest (CVS) version of XMPP Core.

7. Gateway Interaction (JEP-0100) -- I've received several off-list
emails about this over time, so I need to put out a new revision.

8. JID Escaping (JEP-0106) -- I'd like to see us move forward on this
sooner rather than later. Any major objections from the Council?

9. Security (JEPs 102 and 116) -- this is a major priority, but I think
we need a special meeting just about this issue.

No strong feelings about other items that I can think of right now, but
I have to run so maybe I'm missing something.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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