[Council] Discrepency between JEP-0020 and its References

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Thu Apr 22 10:13:25 CDT 2004

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a discrepency 
between feature negotiation (JEP-0020) and (nearly) all of its 
referrers, in particular stream initiation (JEP-0095).  The problem is 
that JEP-0020 only defines the root element to be <query/>, whereas 
JEP-0095 examples and text talk about the feature negotiation element 
starting with <feature/>.

A few of the other JEPs that reference JEP-0020 are:

JEP-0030 (Service Discovery) **
JEP-0072 (SOAP over Jabber) *
JEP-0103 (URL Address Information) *
JEP-0105 (Tree Transfer Stream Initiation Profile) *
JEP-0116 (Encrypted Sessions) ***

*    These JEPs mention JEP-0020 as part of JEPs -0095 and -0096.
**  Uses the element <query/> instead of <feature/>.
*** Uses the element <features/> instead of <feature/> or <query/>.

After discussing this with a couple of others, my personal opinion is 
that a modification to JEP-0020 is appropriate, to use <feature/> 
instead of <query/>, and ensure that change is properly reflected to all 
references to JEP-0020.  However, JEP-0020 is a standards-track JEP in 
the "draft" status, so the impact of this change could be significant.  
Yet, there seems to be significantly more implementations of the JEPs 
that conceptually rely on JEP-0020 than on JEP-0020 as-is.


-  LW

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