[Council] RE: 'var' attribute in JEP-0004

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Tue Apr 27 14:52:29 CDT 2004

I'm ok with relaxing it to optional (SHOULD, except for type=fixed, where it
MAY).  It will be pretty obvious when you get it wrong, since you won't be
able to do anything useful with the results.

Joe Hildebrand


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> Subject: 'var' attribute in JEP-0004
> The schema for JEP-0004 says that the 'var' attribute is required.
> However, it is not included in some of the examples (e.g., 
> the fixed fields). There are two possible solutions:
> 1. Change 'var' conformance from required to optional.
> 2. Add a 'var' attribute to the fixed field examples.
> Does the Council have a preference?
> Peter
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