[Council] FW: Re: CAP over XMPP

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Dec 21 12:09:16 CST 2004

FYI regarding CAP over XMPP (JEP-0127).

I will inform the Council if further coordination or feedback is
required, but at this time all seems good.


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To: Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org>
From: Art Botterell <acb at incident.com>
Subject: Re: CAP over XMPP

Peter -

Well, sorry it took me so long to get this to the top of my stack!

I'm working (in background, mostly) on an informational document on 
transport profiles for CAP.  What I'd like to do, if it would be 
acceptable, would be to designate CAP-over-XMPP as one of those 
profiles and (preferably) just include your JEP document as the 
appendix detailing that mode.

I'm not sure the OASIS TC could really add a lot of value beyond what 
your team has already done, other than just pointing folks toward 
it... besides which, we're stretched a bit thin right now.  But if 
you know of anyone who implements this JEP, maybe we could include 
them in one of the various interoperability demos that happen from 
time to time.

Your thoughts?

- Art

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>From: Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org>
>To: Art Botterell <acb at incident.com>
>Subject: Re: CAP over XMPP
>The "Jabber Council" (a technical steering committee for the Jabber/XMPP
>community) is currently considering advancement of this informational
>spec to a status of active (which basically means "feel free to use it
>but it's not a standard part of the approved protocols", mainly because
>this is simply a transport of an OASIS format over XMPP), but I can
>postpone that consideration a while until you get a chance to review
>our usage.
>Does it make more sense to define this kind of thing collaboratively
>between OASIS and the Jabber Software Foundation? Or would the OASIS
>Emergency Management TC prefer to simply point to another transport
>rather than define those within OASIS?
>Feel free to give me a call at 303-308-3282 if you'd like to discuss.
>On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 07:55:46AM -0800, Art Botterell wrote:
>> Peter -
>> This is timely, as we're starting an effort in the OASIS Emergency
>> Management TC to profile a few recommended transports for CAP (and a
>> larger set of Emergency Data eXchange Language messages to be defined
>> in the near future.)  So hopefully we can offer CAP-over-XMPP as one
>> of those profiles.
>> I'll be glad to give it a look.  What's your timeline for this?
>> - Art
>> >Hi Art,
>> >
>> >As you may know, the Jabber Software Foundation has defined best
>> >practices for sending CAP alerts and warnings over XMPP:
>> >
>> >http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0127.html
>> >
>> >It seems appropriate for someone who knows about CAP to review this
>> >document before we advance it within the JSF's standards process. Does
>> >OASIS have an informal or formal process for such reviews? Would you (or
>> >someone else) be able to provide such a review? The usage is fairly
>> >straightforward, but it seems best to get it reviewed by an expert.
>> >
>> >Many thanks,
>> >
>> >Peter
>> >
>> >--
>> >Peter Saint-Andre
>> >Jabber Software Foundation
>> >http://www.jabber.org/people/stpeter.php
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