[Council] Moving JEPs Forward

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Mon Feb 2 13:06:24 CST 2004

OK, we need more final decisions and action on our pending JEPs.  So, 
I'm going to seed the list with 2-3 JEPs that we can discuss and get 
_final_ action on.  This means it gets to last call, the author is 
definitely moving, or something like that.  We'll take as long as it 
takes for each set of JEPs, but I will constantly poke the list during 
the process and make sure we're discussing and moving.  Our order of 
operations will then be, discuss, choose an action, initiate that 
action.  It's all about action.

We'll start it off with two JEPS:

JEP-0018:  Invisible Presence
JEP-0033:  Packet Headers

My personal feelings on those JEPs:

JEP-0018:  XMPP is moving, we want it gone, why do we have to wait for 
privacy lists to become final to get rid of this when it's so disliked?

JEP-0033:  I really hope this doesn't fall to the same fate as many of 
the disco era JEPs.  The JEPs just sat pending while new tech was 
developed and the JEPs were adapted.  How long will the infobits vs 
namespace discussion take, considering I'm not seeing debate around it 
right now.  What can we do with this JEP while we wait?  JEPs 
constantly reworking to new tech really concerns me.


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