[Council] Moving JEPs Forward

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Tue Feb 3 05:58:18 CST 2004

Thomas Muldowney wrote:

> JEP-0018:  Invisible Presence 

It would be nice if more server implementations existed that supported 
privacy lists before JEP-0018 goes away, but that's pending still under 
some discussion in XMPP-IM, and those servers and clients that do 
support this don't implement the same way anyway.

In the end, I'm fine with this going Obsolete before privacy lists (and 
therefore JEP-0126) are done.

> JEP-0033:  Packet Headers

Not-so-recent discussions with Mr. Hildebrand made it sound like this 
was changing to only cover alternative/additional addressing.  I'm also 
bothered by this JEP now relying on something that has yet to be agreed 
to, and is in fact still radically changing.

I'll ask Joe if its possible to have the meta-data portion be its own 
thing (possibly a JEP?).  For me, that makes this JEP a little easier to 

-  LW

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