[Council] More JEP Movement

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Thu Feb 12 09:43:05 CST 2004

Mostly related to this thread (and others):

-  JEP-0033 probably has one more revision to go before motioning for 
LAST CALL.  I'll work with hildjj on this, and (hopefully) we'll have 
the motion by this evening (MST).

-  Given the feedback I've gotten regarding JEP-0018 (both on- and 
off-list), I'll be asking for a vote on rejecting it when we vote on 

-  JEP-0070 and JEP-0101 seem to (attempt to) accomplish the same goal.  
I'd like to have some discussion with my co-authors and the JEP-0101 
author(s) before moving forward on this. (In other words, how about 
picking another JEP? (-: )

-  LW

Thomas Muldowney wrote:

> linuxwolf is going to move the previous two JEPs forward after 
> consulting with the appropiate parties.  So, that means we need two 
> more JEPs to consider.  This time I offer up JEP-70 (HTTP Auth) and 
> JEP-79 (AMP).  LW says AMP should be fairly set, and would like some 
> more eyes on it.  He has a few nits about 70, and he can air them here 
> or discuss them with whom they concern.  Other than that I would like 
> everyone else to chime  in with feelings on these jeps.
> --temas
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