[Council] New Year, Time to Work

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jan 12 16:36:09 CST 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 10:30:15AM -0600, Thomas Muldowney wrote:
> Welcome to the new year everybody!  Ok, enough of that, it's time to 
> review the list of old/pending JEPs again!  Yay!!!  I know how much fun 
> we had doing this last time via chat, and decided we'll do it on the 
> list at first.  So what I ask is that everyone over the next few days 
> post their views and opinions on the pending/old JEPs.  Please be as 
> critical as possible.  After we've all posted we can pow-wow in a chat 
> and finalize the views.  Oh, and feel free to reply to other people and 
> discuss.  We need to fully air these out.

Well, it seems everyone is pretty busy. Here is my take on a number of
Experimental JEPs (ignoring for now the automatically Deferred JEPs):

18 (Invisible Presence) -- superseded by 126 (Invisibility)

33 (Packet Headers) -- possibly ready for Last Call, will follow up with
Joe Hildebrand

71 (XHTML-IM) -- I'm still working this with the W3C, we should have
more progress on the schema work soon

72 (SOAP over Jabber) -- no opinion

79 (Advanced Message Processing) -- Matt? shall we move forward on this
as-is, or is there more feedback to incorporate?

80 (Geoloc) -- somewhat dependent on the infobits vs. namespaces debate

85 (Chat State Notifications) -- I still maintain that this is the way
to go, but IIRC no consensus was reached previously

86 (Legacy Errors) -- Last Call can begin once XMPP Core advances

100 (Gateway Interaction) -- I'd like to move forward on this, but it
would be quite helpful to receive feedback from gateway developers first
(hint, hint)

103/104 (URL Address etc.) -- Matt?

105 (Tree Transfer) -- still seems useful to me; shall I ping Ryan?

106 (JID Escaping) -- I don't see a strong need or push for this

107/108/118 -- infobits vs. namespaces again

109 (Vacation Messages) -- Matt says this could be a command (JEP 50),
and I guess I kinda agree

111 (TINS) -- needs to be revised in light of changes to IETF specs

113 (Simple Whiteboarding) -- I'm expecting a JEP submission for 
whiteboarding with SVG, which I think is a preferable approach

115 (Client Capabaility) -- I like this one and think it can move 
forward soon

116 (Encrypted Sessions) -- controversial; personally I like this
approach but I know others don't; also I would like to abstract the
chat-session negotiation piece out of this, because there is interest
in being able to negotiate chat sessions more generally among some folks
I've talked to (e.g., Internet2)

120/121/123/125 -- infobits stuff, need to have a conversation about

123 (Data Form Validation) -- Matt?

124 (HTTP Transport Binding) -- I'll chat with Diz about this

126 -- <presence type='invisible'/> must die

Anything not mentioned above is, I think, on the road to being 
automatically deferred.


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