[Council] JEP-122 Data Forms Comments

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Wed May 26 10:46:24 CDT 2004

I was asked to review JEP-122 Data Forms Validation and found it just 
about ready to move forward.  So,  instead of replying in private I'll 
put this on the council list to try and get everyone else to comment 
and move this forward.

Two simple nitpicks on this first couple readings.  First is the 
initial usage of method="open" is not really understandable, Section 
3.2 Example 5.  This seems to be primarily a user oriented use, so make 
the language more clear, maybe something like:

	For "list-single" and "list-multi", to indicate that the user may 
enter a custom value, matching the datatype constraints, or choose from 
the predefined values, the 'method' attribute is set to a value of 

The other nitpick is with the wording for the registrar, Section 7.2.  
Overall it's a bit brief, it should probably state explicitly that it 
is the values for the datatype attribute.  Also, I think it needs to 
completely lose the part in parenthesis.  That part is completely 
confusing and made me initially think we could only use xs: value 
types, and that was all that would be listed.

Nice simple and easy to follow JEP that is about ready to move.


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