[Council] Last Call with External Protocols

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Sun Nov 28 18:10:16 CST 2004

So while pondering, and discussing the SOAP JEP with others it struck 
me that we don't really have a clear path for dealing with external 
protocols and last calls.  We really need a two step last call process 
where we have the XMPP/Jabber side of the last call through our 
channels and we need knowledgeable users of the external protocol to 
basically last call it as well.  I think we've seen this with XHTML as 
well, where we've needed more core XHTML designers to give us some 
input before we move forward with something that won't fit into the 
external protocol usage.  So I was wondering if we wanted some more 
strict definition of how we get that input or is it up to us during 
last call and voting phases?


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